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Features Overview

Personal Information – Create Multiple Records
ToDo - Scheduler / Calendar Module – Audible Pop-up Alerts
Documents Module - Templates to create documents, letters
Web Links - Access to health and medical research indexes

Create & Maintain Case Records
Demographic Information Family Emergency Contracts
Physicians Record Doctor’s Office Visits Record
Drugs & Medications Health/Medical History Check List
Special Contacts List and more..

Digital Paper Solution
Scan and attach external documents and images to your record. 
Attach photos, jpg images, letters, receipts, etc.
No more chasing paper or getting up to go to the file cabinet. 
Just click the line in the module and there see what need now

Documents, Advance Directives and Letters**
Advance Healthcare Directive - Healthcare Surrogate
Do Not Hospitalize- Order Organ Donation - Powers of Attorney
Wills - Affidavits- Medical Records Requests
Miscellaneous Documents Special Request Forms and more..

Integrated To-Do - Calendar & Scheduler
Record tasks - Set Alarm / Alert Feature - Pop-up Reminders
Create and print To Do Lists - Schedule - Calendar

Print Record Forms
Easy to Read Graphic Format
Print Completed Records or Blank Forms for Worksheets

Direct Web Links for Research
Link to the best indexes on health & medical info on the web:
Dictionary - Encyclopedias - Drug Recalls - Gov. Agencies
Operative Procedures - First Aid - Drug Reactions - Clinical Trials

Medical Tests- Procedures - Symptoms & Diseases & more..

System Minimum Requirements
MS Windows PC 486 processor or higher - Windows 7, 8, 10
516 MB RAM
- 100MB Free Disk Space - VGA Monitor - Mouse

Product provides forms and information about the law. 
We do not provide specific information for your exact situation. 
We can not not decide that our forms are appropriate for you. 
Because we can not decide which forms are best for your individual situation,
you must use your judgement and to the extenet that you believe appropriate,
the advice or assistance of a para-legal or lawyer