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CareManager Home
A Personal Experience...............
of the creator of CareManager Home software

We are all going to be faced with having to care for our parents and their age-related conditions - from simple forgetfulness to debilitating illnesses. I wasn't prepared for what happened to my father as he was hitting 80 years old.  He was "healthy" until he "wasn't" and he lived 1000 miles away.

I first set out to create an information organizer software that would enable my brother and I to better maintain Dad's health and and care information to have on hand in the event of a medical emergency.  It would also help indviduals and family members who can learn a simple software to create forms to keep in file or a binder so other family members would also have the information.  

At the same time we designed CareManager Home for the  "individual" Home user of the software program we also designed a professional software CareManager Pro - now used by hundreds of professionals, nurses, geriatric care managers, social worker and others for their care and case management for their "private-pay" clients.

As a result of my personal situation CareManager Home and CareManager Pro are now available for both home users and professionals to create and organize case records with a user-friendly information management resource.

Dad he passed away suddenly, at age 82, attributed to all his conditions. I miss him very much.

In honor of my father, Joseph A. Testagrossa, I dedicate this website and software

Ross J. Testagrossa, President
Planet Media Group, LLC. / Healthhistory.com